I was out shopping with my family the other day when I watched a lady spank her child. The child was throwing a fit over some candy and she spanked him. He was maybe 4 or so. Well another woman started telling her she was a bad mom and she didn’t deserve to have a child and a bunch of other rude stuff. All because of the way she disciplines her child. The lady with the child was clearly embarrassed from the other lady making it a bigger scene. I felt bad for the mom, but at the same time I was so thankful it wasn’t my child that was in a bad mood and had a big hissy fit. Most moms should know that feeling. You feel bad but grateful your kids behaved (this time). So here is my opinion, (and I would love to hear others peoples as well) The mom has a right to discipline her child the way she wants. Although there is a fine line being discipline and abuse. I don’t consider spanking abuse, unless done excessively or with the intent to cause great harm. Which two swats on the rear end isn’t. So the other woman had no right to embarrass this lady further by her loud and disrespectful comments. If you absolutely have to voice your opinion to someone else, there are better and more respectful ways to do it. Humiliating someone isn’t one of them. I don’t like to spank my children or see other children spanked. But that’s because I always feel bad for children, even little crazies with attitudes. Now don’t get me wrong, I have swatted my children on the behind a few times. Mainly for running in the street and dangerous things like that. But I never want to. However, I can say that both of my children are in time out at least a couple times a week, usually more.

I want to hear what others think about this little confrontation over spanking at the store.



  1. brandy0408 Said:

    We parents has a the right to discipline our children but scolding them in public isn’t right for me. As much as possible I would really control my self from not hurting them physically.

  2. anonymous Said:

    I believe in our culture and in most European cultures, _any_ sort of corporal punishment has come to be viewed as not acceptable. Period. It’s a bit of a disconnect in a society that condones war, gang violence, and violence in entertainment. Not sure what the child i supposed to think about the mixed message.
    Still, I think it’s a step in the right direction. Spanking, and the idea that it’s okay to hit a child, _can_ lead to greater physical abuse in a confused our highly stressed parent. But more importantly, it gives the child the message that causing someone else pain is an effective way to deal with conflict.

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