Teen Sex

While trying to enjoy my lunch about a week ago, I heard the most stupid conversation ever. At the booth behind me, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation about boys and sex. Not my typical conversation topics for lunch. But then again we’re talking about 7th graders. They were talking about how the weekend before she spent the night with a boy and had her first sexual experience. I couldn’t help but almost choke to death on my food. I really shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. They were using words that I didn’t even know of until at least 17. And here they are still babies in this world talking about doing all kinds of stuff that a 7th grader shouldn’t know of. This is crazy to me. Kids are learning/doing these types of things younger all the time. I understand you need to talk to your child about sex and protection and all that, but just because I will one day talk to my daughter about those things, doesn’t mean I want her to go out and do them any time soon after. And after I got passed the whole shock stage and picturing my daughter in 10 years, I realized it’s a school day and they weren’t in school. By then they had already left. But I couldn’t help but think about this for a while. So of course when I got home I wrote a few notes, so I could blog about it later. Please feel free to comment. Would love to hear others opinions.



  1. Whoa that’s frickin crazy!!! its amazing what younger kids know these days!

    • mami91910 Said:

      It’s so much different than when I was a kid. And I’m barely an adult! That just goes to show how fast things are changing.

  2. girl Said:

    it’s just plain stupid and crazy! i’m a 9th grader and sure i know about it and all (generally) and some girls i sit with are kinda crazy and all and talk about simalar stuff at times but not the actual thing!! it’s disgusting! i’m by no means the usual 14 1/2 year (not very social or “up to date” on music etc.) but i think if girls are even thinking about it at that age they are seriously messed in the head. sadly, that means that an increasing number of girls that age are messed up.
    it has a lot to about media and society, have any of you seen toddlers and tiaras!?! they are dressed up like super models in vegas doing little dances and poses and hello? they are toddlers! but the photots could easily mistake them as a DOLL!

    i know this is a rant and i do tend to rant a bit, but it is all very messed up, like i said earlier, i’m 14 1/2 and i’m not even thinking of boys or anything like that.

    the world is just f***ed up

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