Sitting here watching Dr. Phil talk about bullies. All these different stories about kids literally being bullied to death. And the one where a mom helps bully! That’s insane. These kids were so scared and felt that nothing could be done to help them. I seriously started to tear up and I’m the kind of person that never cries. Not because I don’t want to, the tears just never come. Except for child abuse stories, I tear up a little for those too. Anyways enough about that. As a parent, it breaks my heart to see kids being bullied. Especially by big groups of kids. It’s not right and I know my kids will one day have to go through high school. And I hope nothing like this ever happens to them, but everyone gets bullied at least a couple times in their life. So I know it will happen, I just hope its not excessive like these children. And I will do everything in my power to stop it when it happens. The problem is, that these parents did everything they could, went to the schools, teachers, police, and nothing was done about it. A couple kids had to change school districts because it was so bad. That’s horrible. Kids can be very mean. I was lucky enough to have two older siblings in school that kept their eyes on me so I never really was picked on to my face. I’m sure people did behind my back because I was kind of a loner in high school. Just did my work and kept to my small group of friends. One of my younger sisters was bullied a lot until she started actually fist fighting with anyone who started to bully her too much. She spent a lot of time in detention and in school suspension. But she didn’t mind because she just wanted to do her work and go home. She wasn’t one for starting problems or anything like that. Just a quiet girl who tried to keep to herself. But anyways, if your being bullied or know someone that is, please let someone know. A parent, teacher, authority figure. And when you see someone being bullied, stand up for them, you may not like the kid but no one deserves to be bullied like these kids were.



  1. Mindless Rambler Said:

    It is such a terrible thing. When my oldest was 10 she was being bullied at school, I knew something was wrong because she suddenly went from loving school to not wanting to go. When it all came out she said she wasn’t being bullied because they weren’t hitting her, we had to explain that it comes in all sorts of ways and sometimes even verbal bullying can be worse than physical. We ended up moving my girls to another school as they wouldn’t deal with it because the head teacher’s attitude was “we don’t have bullying at my school”. It was the best move ever made in the end.

    Thank you for this post highlighting what bullying does to people, sadly there is so much of it in this world both to children and adults and a lot of it goes unreported through the fear the bullies install.

    • mami91910 Said:

      I’m sorry your daughter had to experience that. Kids can be so mean. And some teachers really need to open their eyes. Its the same as when a bully’s parent, says ‘oh well my child would never do that’. Well obviously they would, because they just did.
      A lot of the time there are signs, but how can they see the signs when they turn the other cheek. Teachers need to be aware of stuff going on and when they are aware of it, they should help and stop it, not deny and ignore it.

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